Warm Stone 
Hot Stone Massage
If you are after a massage that goes deeper than a traditional hands-on massage then this is the one for you!
It is said that one movement of a warm stone on you is equivalent to 10 movements during a traditional massage. So the use of the warm stones produces a deep tissue massage within a shorter time frame.  The warmth of the stones improves vasodilation which encourages the increase of blood flow and healing to the area being treated. It will improve the flexibility of the tissues and help to break down nodules as well as deliver a relaxing massage.
As a therapist this is always my massage of choice!
Full body massage £45
(60 mins)
Back & Shoulders £35
(45 mins)
Roots in ancient Chinese medicine and working on the belief that the 1000s of nerve endings on the feet can be mapped to the main systems of the body. Gentle massage of points corresponding to systems of the body can alleviate particular health and well-being concerns. 
Reflexology treatment  £35
(45 mins)
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A choice of deep tissue, invigorating, sports or a relaxing massage aimed at relieving tension, joint or muscular pain, your massage will be tailored to your individual needs. 
Tailored Massage treatment 
60 minutes  £40
45 minutes £30
30 Minutes £20
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The use of essential oils chosen for their health and well-being properties. Each treatment begins with a consultation to identify any particular physical or emotional concerns with essential oils selected for you. The oils are absorbed through the skin using a range of therapeutic massage techniques.
Aromatherapy treatment £40
(60 mins)
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Ear Candling
Ear candling is an ancient practice that can be beneficial for
  • Soothing and clearing for ears and sinuses
  • Decongesting
  • Promoting relaxation
Following the treatment of both ears a facial massage will conclude the treatment. This will further aid the de-congesting, soothing and relaxing benefits of the treatment. 
Approx treatment time is 45 mins.  £25
I only use 'Biosun' brand of ear candles due to their high quality materials and safety standards.
Gift Vouchers
Perfect as a gift for birthdays, Thank you presents or for Christmas, or even a present to yourself!
You can design your own package, here are some ideas:
Melt away the tension-  An hour and 45 minutes of a full body aromatherapy massage with essential oils chosen to induce relaxation and finished off with an ear candle session complete with facial massage £60 
Back Care -  An hour and 30 minutes containing a  session with specifically chosen reflexology points and continuing the back care with a deep tissue hot stones back massage £55 
Winter Warmer - An hour and 15 minutes of warmth with a full body hot stones massage and scalp and facial massage. £50 
Contact me for further details.