Moments of calm for

health & well-being

Life is busy! 
Are you stressed?
Do you suffer from sleepless nights?
Do you have aches and pains?
Struggle to find time to switch off and relax?
On an average day we are wearing many hats:
family member,
as well as juggling a job! 
Trying to find the energy for all of these can be draining and not only can it impact our mental well-being it can also affect our physical health.

finding-balance specialises in providing you with
moments of calm that will help to promote your health & well-being.

When we relax we give our bodies a chance to rest and recharge and the ability to run well. When we finally recharge we can feel energised and healthy.

finding-balance can offer you reflexology, aromatherapy, hot stones massage, tailored sports and deep tissue massage. We even offer a 15 minute seated chair massage if you are really time pressed! (and a perfect antidote to those hours sat typing away at your work desk)

We recognise that well-being isn't always about a massage so we can also look after you through 121 coaching. Got a work problem or objective you just can't work through, lacking direction in you career or over whelmed by life and need a shining light through all of the fog? finding-balance can help!

Workplace well-being is also so very important and finding-balance help to promote this through tailored programmes involving line manager development, therapies and awareness sessions. 

Get in touch to find out more and we look forward
to helping you in finding your balance.
Ease stress & anxiety
Boost immune system
Improve circulation
Relieve muscle tension
Improve sleep
Regulate hormones
Promote wellbeing
Relieve headaches
Reduce risk of injury
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